WaterTek is a A Mobile Pre-Paid Smart Water Billing System
servicing Emerging markets.


Pre-Paid billing

With WaterTek's Mobile pre-paid billing, your scheme's revenue collections will Increase by over 30% and Operational Costs are set to reduce by upto 45%! Enabling Mobile Money, Pre-paid water metres and Water Access points speak to each other!


Our Mobile Pre-Paid water system not only promotes healthier cash flows for water distributors but also reduces most customer–related anxieties. This includes transparency in what the customer pays for, allows better budgeting and planning, which often results to accumulated un-payable bills to disconnected customers.

Reducing wasted water

Moving to pre-paid water billing more over makes every water drop valuable, reducing wasted water! By capacitating water schemes to be more profitable, we allow re-investment that translate to more water access points, more manageable walking distances and shorter ques!

world changing innovation

WaterTek is a world changing innovation built by a team of world class experts in technology and project management, who have built various disruptive platforms enforcing low project administration costs by substatially cutting down man power need and enabling The Mobile Phone as an administration tool!

How can we Help?

Digitize your community water supply schemes or Digitize your household Water Distribution system by installling our Mobile Pre-paid smart water meters management system.



Our Work


Communal Stand type Metres Billing System

Use the WaterTek platform on community water distribution points that serve up to 250 people. Usually fixed in rural areas, these water points interact with multiple people daily, we provide each household with a WaterTek card which they will load money into it via mobile money (M-Pesa/ Tigopesa/ Airtel Money or Halo Pesa). The loaded balance is converted to water liters using existing water per liter prices. The house hold members can then use the same card to fetch water from any of the nearest WaterTek enabled water distribution point. Each time they fetch water, the meter display will show balance water liters at the moment and allow valve/ flow of water to the Jerry can. Users can fetch a minimum of 10 liters only at any session and a maximum of 20 liters. Balance water liters are updated and displayed in real time!

Household Metres Billing System

Our household WaterTek meters are fixed in multiple house holds and does not require a WaterTek card to recharge the WaterTek account nor access water unlike the Communal stand type meters. House hold member will transfer money from their mobile money (M-Pesa/ Tigopesa/ Airtel Money or Halo Pesa) account to a virtual WaterTek account, the loaded balance is converted to water liters using existing water per liter prices and immediately allow flow of water into the household water distribution system. When the users’ WaterTek balance is fully utilized, the valve/tap would not allow flow of water, hence require the 0 balance user to recharge their account to access water.


Chris Rabi
Founder & CEO

Lilian Makoi
Co-Founder & COO

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Launched a Successful Pilot , Deployed


• 5 DPs                                               • Served 200 customers      
• Dispensed 1.8mn liters             • For 90 days





What worked?

• Technology embraced      • Mobile Money recharge
• Transparency to users     • Reduced 20% OPEX
• Increased 30% revenue

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